The Baby of Cuteness Turned into Little Girl

Something about this little outfit and her hair up in pig-tails like that and maybe because I was organizing Baby Boy's tiny clothes and saw a brand newborn at the doctor's office this week made me realize that Ella isn't a baby anymore.
She's a little girl!
Remember when she was the Baby of Cuteness?
But now she has an opinion about things and sings to herself and has a sense of humor and an incredible vocabulary (even if I am the only one who understands most of it).
And it's so fun!
It's funny how every stage is so fun, the newborn stage, the 9 month old stage, the one-year-old and 18 month old stage, they are all so different and changing so quickly, which is probably why it's so fun, you have to be paying close attention to catch it all before they change again.

Little Girl's Grammy and Pa and Aunt Maddy came to visit these past couple of weeks and oh how she loves them! 
They shower her with love and attention and life for a toddler doesn't get much better than that.
We were hoping that Baby Boy would make his entrance while they were here but he's decided that he's rather comfy right where he is.
I still have contractions all day long (like I have for almost a month now) but they have yet to become the real thing.
And although I'm so anxious to meet him, it's nice to have just a few more days of just Little Girl and me.
Days where there is still time for me to join her on her favorite stair in our apartment and chat about this and that.
That is her favorite chatting place.
She goes over to that bottom stair at least once a day and pats the spot next to her while jabbering some long sentence that I'm pretty sure means, "Come here, Momma, and let's just talk about random things," and so I do and she talks and talks and talks and occasionally I pick up little words here and there but mostly it's just jibberish and occasionally she giggles, which helps me know when I should laugh too and I say things like, "Oh really? Whoa."
Baby usually joins us on that bottom stair too.
And we can sit there for a very long time just talking about nothing in particular and I love it because I can tell that she loves it!
She just wants someone to stop what they are doing and listen to her talk about her life and I love being that person!
I hope I am always one of her best go-to listeners.

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  1. Ella's so perfect. I can't wait to hear all about her adventures as Fenton's big sister!!