1. Every morning when Ella wakes up she stares up at the ceiling fan and coos at it. 
She loves that thing. 
To which, Adam responds, "The clawwwwww! The claw chooses who will go and who will stay." 

2. Ella can have the entire top half of her outfit soaked in drool in less than an hour. 
Can you do that? 
While I carry her around I can hear little splatters of her drool hitting the ground. And I usually have her drool dripping off my elbow. 
So awesome.

3. I realized how much I talk to Ella when I went to the grocery store with just her and I caught myself talking non-stop to her, saying things like, "Do you think we should get grapes? Your daddy doesn't like grapes too much, so maybe we should get strawberries instead. And where do you think the potatoes are, Ella?" I avoided eye contact with everyone in the store so I wouldn't have to see how ridiculous they found me because I just couldn't seem to get myself to stop talking out loud to Ella.
Embarrassing? Yes.

4. It's also awesome when you're at the grocery store and your baby decides that she has had enough and she starts screaming her head off and you are rushing through the rest of the grocery list at lightening speed and again avoiding everyone's eyes because they are either judging you and wishing you hadn't decided to come to the store or they have a sympathetic look on their face and I have no idea how to respond to those sympathetic looks. Although when I apologized to the man standing behind us in line at the check-out counter for having to endure a front-row seat to Ella's melt-down, he responded, "Don't apologize. That's just what babies do." Thank you, kind man.

5. She is not a huge fan of veggies-- shocker? Or applesauce-- what?!

6. Sometimes I put her in her Bumbo to watch me as I cook or do the dishes and she'll start getting antsy and arch her back to try and maneuver out of it but luckily her thighs are so thick they get stuck in the leg holes. But to try and distract her from trying to wiggle out, I put on a singing and dancing show while I cook and she'll stop fussing and watch me with this huge grin on her face-- I can only imagine how ridiculous I must look to her, prancing around the kitchen to keep her happy, singing all these made up lines to real songs.

7. She especially loves the song "You Are My Sunshine." What is it about that song that kids love so much? My favorite songs to sing to her are from musicals. Adam will sing her anything and everything.

8. She pounds her tummy with her arms ALL THE TIME, like a gorilla and leaves scratch marks on her tummy from her vicious claws. 

9. When she gets fussy while laying on the ground, we throw a blanket over her head and that will keep her entertained for at least 20 minutes as she tries to figure out how to pull the blanket off, I have no idea why she loves blankets over her head so much.

10. I fully intend to dress Ella in dresses and skirts all summer long

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