Little Clenched Fists of Happiness

When Ella is very very happy she clenches her fists really tight and grits her teeth and her whole body just tightens up and shakes with pent-up happiness, like she can't contain how much joy she feels.
(She does this a lot when she sees Gerard after a long day away from him).
So the fact that there are multiple pictures in this post with Ella clenching her little fists means that she was out of her mind with how much she loved the splash-pad.

The last time she swam here she was under a year old, so it was a totally different experience this time.
At first she was very cautious, only watching all the other kids splashing around but too afraid to go in herself.
So I put her feet in a shallow part and she liked it, but she wouldn't move away from that spot because she was afraid she would slip and fall in the water.
But after some brave and cautious exploration she realized that she wasn't going to slip and pretty soon she was racing up and down the deeper parts of the splash pad with the bigger kids.
She even got soaked by other kids running by and she was thrilled by it.
She found a little friend and the two of them ran around the water, hand-in-hand, instant best-friends.
She gets bored of things pretty quickly and likes to move on to the next activity, but after 2 hours at the splash-pad she was still in love with it.

 As you can imagine, we will probably be spending most of our summer there.

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