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Well, our little iPhone of wonderfulness decided to take all of our Disneyland pictures and go for a little plunge in the pool, so until we figure out whether or not we will ever see those pictures again here are some pictures from today that we took with our regular camera.
In the meantime, the iPhone is basking in a bag of rice, in hopes that the rice will suck all of the water out of the phone and save it (fingers crossed).
We spent the day in Santa Monica/Venice Beach and I think it may have been Ella's favorite day so far, she kind of was in heaven.
And I don't blame her, it might have been my favorite day so far too, because it was a perfectly ideal sort of day.
We rented some bikes, using a Groupon that got us 1/2 off ($30 saved-- bam! Just wait, we save $15 more later on in the day, thanks to Groupon).
So we put on our swimsuits and just rode our bikes along the Venice canals and the beach, stopping to bask in the sun and sand and dip our toes in the water (Adam got a bit more than his toes wet, he went body surfing multiple times today).
A quick flashback:
Last week, Ella and I were downtown and there was this flower bed with all these bright beautiful flowers and Ella exclaimed, "Whoa!" 
I was so excited that she would be impressed by all the colors of the flowers, and I started pointing out all the flowers and colors and Ella hurriedly rushed forward but instead of going for the flowers, she dug her hands into the dirt, again exclaiming, "Whoa!"
Summary: Ella loves dirt a lot.
And mass amounts of dirt are worth getting very excited about.
Which means that a beach covered in sand= happiness and joy for Ella. 
She absolutely loved being buried in the sand and had a marvelous time trying to destroy the castle her dadada was building.
Also, lots of sand was consumed.

When we got hungry we rode our bikes to a bagel shop and grabbed some scones (and chased birds).

Ella wasn't a fan about getting into the freezing ocean water, so we swam in the pool instead (yes, the same pool that may have robbed us of our Disneyland pictures).

Ella was dressed in this kind of insanely adorable outfit that had most people thinking she was a boy (which makes sense since that is a boy's shirt) but that's okay because she's still cute, even as a boy.
Adam calls her "Elmo" when people call her a boy (which is her great grandpa's name, so it works out perfect).

The day ended at this classy and delicious Mediterranean restaurant (that we found via Groupon) that has the tastiest caprese salad I've ever had, and with the most scrumptious ice cream sandwiches at Diddy Riese that more than made up for the frustrations of finding parking close to it on a Friday night.
Overall, a perfectly ideal, delicious and successful day.

Absolute fave picture of the day:

The End.

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