Ella is Sunshine


Mmmk, first item of business: these photos.
Are you dying with how gorgeous they are?
The photographer, Jostlyn, is incredible!
It was next to impossible to only put this many photos up on the blog because there were so many that I was in love with!
I love how she captured the little person that Ella is! 
The little details in the pictures are so perfect.

And now onto a mom rant:
When Jostlyn posted a few of the pictures on facebook she captioned one of the pictures "Ella is Sunshine" and I love that she said that because that seems like the perfect way to describe Little Girl.
Obviously she is my sun, because my whole world revolves around her and her little life.
But to other people too, I feel like one of her roles in life is to be the sunshine for them.
We were at a nursing home for an activity this week and Ella went up to every elderly person sitting in this room and waved her little backwards "hi" to them and gave them her little shy, cock of the head smile and you should have seen their faces!
If I had danced and sang and done tricks for hours on end for these people their faces would not have been half as lit up as they were when they saw Ella.
People who you thought were fast asleep suddenly were all wide-eyed and grinning at Little Girl, as she jabbered at them and played with whatever they were holding on their lap.
Through the entire activity they hadn't shown half the energy they suddenly seemed to have upon seeing Ella.
They were in love with her.
And when we are at random places like the grocery store and Adam's work Ella is always toddling up to people with a big grin, waving and giggling and these complete strangers break into the hugest smiles and can't seem to take their eyes off her.
She just radiates with this happy energy and love of life.
Ella is truly sunshine.
Plus, she's a toddler and toddlers are just cute and fun to watch in general, so we'll see if this continues to be a part of her little personality as she grows up.

And third item of business: I'm sorry for the lack of posts!
We have been moving and holy cow, let me tell you that moving with a toddler is not like any other moving experience I've ever been through before and I've moved quite a few times in my adult life.
We are currently living off frozen meals because I refuse to cook when things are so crazy, but much to our happy surprise we are kind of loving it!
I don't know if technology has just advanced in the frozen food world or what, but everything we've had so far we've loved, Bertolli is our current favorite frozen food brand.
Eating those dinners makes me wonder why I ever spend time making meals from scratch, and I'm not really kidding about that, although I'm sure I'll go back to making my own meals when we get tired of the options that Bertolli has to offer.
Also, Magnum ice cream bars are a favorite here these days.
Until things settle down, we may only have a little post every here and there.
But one day we will finally have settled in and then the nursery and living room decorating begins and furniture refinishing projects and all sorts of wonderful craftiness like that so there are sure to be lots of posts covering all of that, and I can hardly wait!


  1. She is just the most beautiful little girl ever!!!! Just seeing pictures of her makes me smile so big!

  2. These are simply gorgeous. What a beautiful, energetic doll! :) And her outfit is so adorable. She must have an artsy mama!

  3. I absolutely love these pictures! And of course all the elderly folks faces light up! She brings happiness where ever she goes!