Chunker Child

^This chunker child turned into this:
In just ONE year! 
Can't even believe it.

 But Adam says she still eats like a chunker:
 But being able to run around and play at the park and dance and climb into things and tackle stuffed animals has slimmed her down a bit.

 And based on the near non-stop dancing in my tummy, Baby Boy of Chunkiness is itching to keep up with her.
Should be fun!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, hold that thought; one of these days she will be getting married... and/or will be very upset if you call her that! Lol... 4-kids, 4 grandkids and all of them over 2 now... it can come back and hit you in the face. They do grow quickly don't they!
    Have a great week!