'Tis the Season for Snowflake Leg Warmers

'Tis the season for running around town (with your belly-button showing) and getting lots of shopping done
With only one shoe on (why does she always end up with only one shoe on? People are going to start thinking that we don't even have the matching shoe, we just put the one on to pretend she has a pair of shoes)
And running lots of errands means constantly slipping Ella all sorts of snacks to keep her happy at store after store.
And it's the season for running to the post office multiple times a week
And the season for leg warmers.
I have never really understood the point of leg warmers, if your child's legs are cold why not put on a pair of pants?
But now that I have a baby who rarely gets to wear pants because she ruins them with all her crawling I've realized that leg warmers are the best thing ever because you can quickly pull them on when you're running outside or doing errands but as soon as you're at home and she needs to crawl you can just pull them right off with zero hassle.
I made those leg warmers out of a pair of socks from Target that I owned but never wore and now they are used all the time.
Tutorial here.

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