Saltines, Sprite and Some Chicken Noodle Goodness

This is how we spent Sunday and Monday:

Not pictured: 

Ella with a piece of crusty potato barf stuck to her hair (she woke up that way, with throw up in her hair, two mornings in a row, how awful).

All three of us (Adam, Ethan and me) basically sleeping next to the toilets.

And us all laying on the floor and couches, moaning and Ella happily crawling all over us and playing with her toys acting as if she wasn't sick even though she threw up more than any of us.

Me doing multiple loads of laundry covered in puke and Adam cleaning it up off the floor.

Finally Ella got to the point where she couldn't go another day stuck in the house so our grand outing of the day was getting in the car (still in our sweats and sprite cans in hand) and driving around town, looking at the Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music.
As soon as we got home we went rushing for the bathrooms again.

I am never making that soup that gave us food poisoning again, just thinking about it makes me feel nauseous.


  1. Oh gosh that's awful! Food poisoning is the worst! Hope you're all feeling better soon. Good thing you have enough toilets for all of you, haha

  2. Oh I'm so sorry!!! Chris and I just went through this so I know how miserable it is! I'm glad you guys are feeling better again!