A post about Christmas, of course

Christmas with a baby is pretty wonderful.
Ella didn't even know what was going on but she thinks that having her three cousins around is just about the best thing that has ever happened to her and she was entertained by her new toys, talking on her cell phone and dancing to her mini keyboard. 
The moment she saw her giant bear her eyes lit up and she waved and said "hi" to him before cuddling with him.
She was in her Christmas PJs pretty much all day. 
The plan was to see Les Mis of wonderfulness, but they were sold out by last night (of course) so we just watched all sorts of movies at home and played games and ate about five times as much food as we should have.
This is the first time in SIX YEARS that Adam's family has been together for Christmas so it was fun to just be around everyone.
When I put Ella to bed tonight I blew her a kiss and I heard her blow one back to me in the dark and my heart melted.
It was a perfect day!

I love how Ella holds her phone up to her shoulder blade to talk and how she says "hi" over and over and then just chats in her cute little gibberish.

Some pictures from my sister-in-law, Lindsay

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  1. I love how much she loves her bear! It is just about the cutest thing ever! Merry Christmas!