12 Days of Christmas for that Cute-Faced Boy

 In October I saw a pin about doing the 12 days of Christmas for your spouse.
I really liked the idea of giving him a new little surprise each day and having him anticipate the next gift.
Some of the gifts were handmade and others were small things I bought that I knew he would like.
I liked that I could make it as cheap or as expensive as I wanted.
So 12 days before Christmas I gave Adam a bag of jelly bellies in 12 different colors (I sneakily tucked them in his lunch box that morning).
On Day 11 I gave him 2 tickets to a musical and $9 (which equals 11 items total) to go on a date.
And it just continued that way, each day.
It was fun to try and think of things that came in pairs or sets (like 5 pairs of socks equalled 10 total socks for day 10).
On day 7 I got really creative by giving him 7 (x5) date ideas in a date night jar (so really it was 35 date sticks but I could make it work for day 7 by saying it was 7 items x5. 
I got the idea for the date night jar here and I'm really excited to start using it because there are both simple cheap dates and dates that take extra planning.
(Extra date ideas here and here).
And on day six I got him a set of dominoes with the instructions to 5 different domino games plus a puzzle to equal 6 games, so you can totally take liberties to make it fit the day you are trying to make the gift work for.

Ideas for good little gifts for men are here and here.

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