Oregon blackberries, the farmers market and the park

All three of us kids were together for the first time in two years since Matthew left on his mission, and my parents were loving it.
Ella got a big grin every time she saw Matthew, so he won her over pretty quickly.
We went to the Farmer's Market (which is wonderful in Oregon!)
and played games
ate blackberries
went on walks
played at the park 
and played with the camera in the setting sun.

When we arrived at the Portland airport I took a picture of Ella and our bags (pictured above) to send to Adam to let him know that we had arrived and after I took the picture I realized that there was a pair of feet wearing socks and Birkenstocks together and I was so excited because that is the official stamp of Oregon authenticity, Birkenstocks paired with socks. 
There was no doubt that we had arrived in the right state.

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  1. The picture of Ella covered in blackberries is UH-mazing. Love it!!!