Button-up shirt refashion

I talked about closet refashioning a while ago but I rarely show pictures of things I've refashioned. 
A lot of the clothes I've adjusted have just little adjustments that you probably wouldn't be able to tell very well in a picture, but I can tell the difference and I now love the item of clothing so much more than I did before.
But this clothing adjustment was a lot more obvious and so easy, so I'll post it.
This was a shirt of my mom's that was too big for her so she was donating it to Goodwill.
Luckily, I saw it before she got rid of it and I snagged it.
I used this tutorial to bring in the sides and the sleeves and now I love it!
It's perfect for layering with sweaters too.
One problem I have with a lot of shirts, and especially button-up shirts, is that my shoulders are on the narrow side so the shoulder seam goes past my shoulder and then it still looks too big for me, even though everything else fits.
But I figured out a way bring in the shoulders with just a few stitches that are hidden under the collar and I pretty much did a happy dance when I put on the shirt and saw that the shoulders now fit me and it was so easy to fix!
I also grabbed one more button-up shirt from my mom that she was about to donate, a silk one!
So I'm dying with excitement to adjust that one after seeing how well this turned out and how easy it was (it seriously takes like an hour to do-- easy-peasy).

And I like this tutorial on how to roll-up sleeves, I didn't do it this time but I will next time I wear this shirt.


  1. That outfit, with THE SWEATER ON TOP!!!! AMAZING!!!!!

  2. You're so cute! Looking so stylish too!

  3. Annie, you are so creative and so cute

  4. Oh my gosh, you guys, thank you so much! I'm glad you like the sweater with it, Camille, because I was kind of loving them together!