The last of a wonderful trip

It was so sad to say goodbye and leave Wisconsin.
We had to stash all our sweaters and stockings away again.
The day after we got back, Ella slept the entire day.
 She was only awake for about 5 hours total that day.
But hopefully we'll be back soon, so Cooper better not get too used to no one grabbing for his nose while he tries to sleep. 

I know, every single one of these pictures has Ella in it.
I really just have no idea what to focus on if Ella is not in the picture.
Do I focus the camera on this person? Or that person? Or that object? 
And then I spend so much time trying to figure it out, I just miss the moment entirely or I try to not focus on anything, I just try to capture it all and the picture turns out horrible.
So it's easier to have a little person that you follow around and make the focus of every single little picture you ever take.
It's a good thing I had a baby or I probably wouldn't take pictures of anything.

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