That cold Oregon Coast that I will always love

I went a whole week without writing a single post-- I can't even remember the last time I did that!
Just a few days after getting home from Wisconsin, Ella and I packed up our things again and headed to Oregon where Ella got to meet another uncle she's never met before because he too was on an LDS mission in Brazil up until last week.
We've been having fun and relaxing with my family, but we're sure missing that cute-faced boy who had to stay home and work.
I was so excited to show Ella the beach for the first time in her life!
She thought it was pretty wonderful.

She liked the wind...

..and the sand...

...she liked the sand a little too much...

...and the water that surprised us and soaked us up to our knees...

...and all the cool new textures.

She would have stayed all day if we'd let her.

She loved it but I think she was especially excited because she saw how happy I was to be there and how excited I was to show her all the wonderful things about the beach. 
She kept looking up at me and grinning at my excited face.

Also, Ella turns 1 a month from tomorrow, which is totally not okay.
I need to have a little discussion with that girl about growing up and how she shouldn't be doing it anymore.

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