There is a girl in my ward who is super cute and nice and her little family is always dressed so trendy.
Recently I found out that she has a blog and I really love it!
I have been faithfully blog stalking her by going back in her blog post history and finding the creative things that she does to decorate her home or to modify clothing or entertain her two boys.
She had a post where she shows how she sewed pockets onto some t-shirts and I love how they look because she uses a solid color fabric that is a different color than the solid colored t-shirt she's sewing it onto and so it's all color-blocking-esque looking. 
I tried it out on a shirt of Ella's and I liked how it added some colorful detail to a plain shirt.
She wasn't too thrilled about modeling, though, and she let me know it.


  1. Haha you are so sweet! Thanks for the kind shout out! Her shirt turned out soo cute!!! I love it!