The most popular pin

Lately I've been ADDICTED to Pinterest.
Usually I go onto Pinterest once every couple of days and just spend a few minutes on there.
But recently I've been like,
"Oh my gosh it's been a whole 1/2 hour since I was last on there, I must. go. on. Pinterest. I must!"
And then I pin things up the whazoo.
I have no idea what it is but I can't resist the pull of that website right now!
This has resulted in me feeling an increased need to do crafty things all the time.
I have this one pin that has been repinned so many times.
If you took all the rest of my pins and the number of times that they had been repinned and added them up, it would not be as much as this single pin has been pinned.
After the 431st person repinned it yesterday, I decided that I should actually do what I had intended to do with it. 

Here is the pin, these cute baby dresses:

I whipped up a baby dress like these in less than an hour yesterday evening.
Adam and I had rented Hunger Games with the intent of cuddling, just the two of us, and watching it, but thanks to Pinterest, it ended up being three of us, Adam, me, and my sewing machine, which basically means that no cuddling happened. 
But this cute baby dress did happen.
I traced Ella's shirt onto some fabric and did the measurements based on that.
Seriously, so easy.

A situation that Ella often gets stuck in.

Now that I know how easy it is to make, I want to try making another one and do a better job with the seams so it looks less handmade and fits her better.
After she dragged this dress all around the church building on Sunday, it is looking a little worse for wear, so maybe the next one would hold up better.

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