The orange marshmallow with the round head

This little orange marshmallow with the round head went down a water slide with her "dadadada."
For the first half she giggled and then she realized that it was dark and loud in there, so she started crying instead and came out looking like this: 

Both she and her dad get the worst case of red eye in photos, so they end up looking like they have crazed gray marbles for eyes, it's awesome.

Also, one hour before the swimming/bbq activity, Adam informed me that he "may" have volunteered to bring treats to it.
If I'm taking food to an event I plan it like days in advance, because I thoroughly enjoy stressing about what would be the perfect thing to bring. 
Adam decided that he would throw some leftover dessert that we had in the fridge onto a plate to bring to the bbq.
The dessert was really yummy on top but I had slightly burned the bottoms of them so they were not worthy for the public.
But we had nothing else to bring, so I made Adam swear an oath of secrecy that he would not tell anyone who had made the treats. 
If anyone asked, pretend you didn't hear.
Just quietly sneak them on the table while no one is watching and then walk away.
I'll distract the crowd by having Ella choose that exact moment to perform some amazing and loud trick
(well, not really, but that would have been a good idea.)
He did an expert job of sneaking them on the table.
As we left, I glanced over at the plate and saw that there were just a few left-- yes!


  1. Brad does the SAME thing when it comes to bringing food! It must be a boy thing. I can't tell you how many mission reunions have gone by with "let's just bring a bag of pretzels." Ha ha awful.

  2. Haha, I do the same thing! If I don't have time to stress about finding the PERFECT thing to bring, and have to resort to some last minute awfulness, I tell Jason, "Make sure NOBODY knows who brought it... unless they like it. Then you can tell them. If they don't like it, and see you bring it, tell them you made it" hahaha