How are there so many good blogs in this world?

I just discovered the Oh Happy Day blog and I love it!
She has such fun and beautiful ideas for parties!
And the pictures of the parties she's thrown are gorgeous!

This is an anniversary dinner party that she planned for someone.
On her blog she was talking about ideas she had for her own anniversary party and she said that she wants to serve the same number of courses as years that they've been married (seven) and each course would represent things that happened in that year of their life. 
For example, her family lived in Paris for a year and so they would serve French food for that course.
I love that idea!

And she has tips for how to pull off a good outdoor movie night, including suggestions for good movies.

She calls this a pop-up dinner party.
She says, "A pop-up dinner party is where we go to a really amazing public park or space and set up a fancy dinner party in the middle of nowhere. "

This ice cream sundae party looks wonderful!

And she posts clothing and products that she especially loves.

And this is her boys' room.
Look at those rainbow ball streamers-- adorable!

And last, but not least, this quote on her blog from her sister that I want to live by:

“Never buy anything ugly. If you have to buy a trash can, make sure it is the most beautiful trash can you can find.”

The way I discovered her blog was funny.
Several weeks ago we were playing at the fountains downtown and I saw these two little boys with these super cute swim bottoms and I kept watching those boys and wondering where their mom got their swim bottoms.
Today I was looking at Rockstar's pictures and her family got together with a family in California and when I saw the little boys in the other family I recognized them as the ones with those cute swim bottoms. 
And then I found out that their mom had a blog, so I followed the link and found the Oh Happy Day blog!
I would have never found the blog if I hadn't seen her sons downtown and if they hadn't been wearing such cute swim bottoms!

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