Cute-o Face

How did she so quickly go from that first picture to that last picture?
A year ago today I was pregnant and still had 3 months to go until she was due and 3 months seemed like an ETERNITY!
Finally Ella was born and I blinked my eyes and now she is 9 MONTHS OLD and has 6 teeth and is practically crawling and uses phrases like "DadadMom" to melt your heart.
How does time pass so much more quickly after you have your baby than before?
Every month seriously gets even more fun and exciting.
Holy cow, I love her. 


  1. Annie she is SO big now!! I love your blog and you're such a funny writer! always makes me laugh :) and how are you doing those cute collages?? I love the pic in the middle, far right - the big O mouth! so adorable! and did you notice (I'm sure you did) how much you two look alike in said picture of Ella and the one of you in the header! you both have such gorgeous eyes!

    1. Holly, you are so nice to compliment my writing! I make the collages on Picasa, it's so super easy and Picasa is free! That big O mouth picture is one of my favorites too! But I hadn't even noticed that she looks like that picture of me at the top-- ha! Thanks for pointing that out! It's so wonderful to hear from you, Holly, when I haven't seen you for so long!

  2. Oh thanks! I will try that out for sure! I know I'm glad I still get to see how are you guys and cute little Ella are doing! You guys are always having an adventure it seems! I can't believe we've been gone so long, we are excited to finally get home! Just a couple more weeks :)