He's a good one, that cute-faced boy

It never ceases to amaze me how much this floaty-haired girl loves her dad.
There is a very special place in her little heart for him.
She is convinced that he's pretty much the best thing in the world.
This is a recording of her reaction to first seeing him when he comes home from work.
This is the reaction he gets from her every single day.
And then there's a clip of him playing with her fresh out of the bath and how much she loves giggling at him.
He has to be a pretty wonderful dad to be so adored by that sweet girl.
And seeing that makes me just fall even more in love with him.
He's a good one, that cute-faced boy.

(I love how she holds her hands under her chin when she is so happy).

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  1. This. Just. MELTED MY ENTIRE HEART INTO A PUDDLE OF GOOP. Oh my gosh. <3 (Ps. This is Ella's Scorpio sister, Erin. :)