Ella's current loves

1:: Finding her Momma's hairs, that somehow all gather under the bed, and sucking on them.
2:: Ice cream.
3:: Things with cool textures, like bags of chocolate chips. She threw a fit every time we tried to remove these from her hands while we were shopping so we just let her hold onto them until she fell asleep and we could remove them without her noticing. 
4:: Paper (notice that piece of paper that she's about to grab and stuff into her mouth and then when I try to scoop out the disintegrated paper from her mouth she clenches her jaw really tight so that I can't get my finger in and I just have to pray that she won't choke on it).
5:: Bath time. 
6:: Also, Miranda videos. She will sit still when these are playing, which means she likes them because she rarely sits still.

So here is a very inspiring video, featuring Miranda Sings, of course:


  1. Replies
    1. It's a Fossil messenger bag from their Key-Per collection. Adam got it for me for my birthday last year and he bought it online. It's not made to be a diaper bag but it totally works and I think it's cuter than most diaper bags. Here's a link to that collection, but they also have cute bags in their other collections too:


  2. aaaahhhhh the Boyfriend video is HILARIOUS! As are all of these pictures of Ella. Obviously.

  3. Annie I ran into your blog and love it! Ella is the most adorable baby ever! I hope that our babies are just as cute.