Tourists who stop and ask if they can take pictures of Ella

Don't even worry, Ella and I were just sitting under the shade of a tree downtown and some tourists with their cameras and fanny packs were walking by and they stopped and asked if it would be okay for them to take pictures of Ella. 
I said yes.
I think they were from another country because they didn't speak much English. 
I got a kick out of the idea that they would go back home and show their friends the pictures they took in the U.S. and it would go something like this,
"Oh yes, that is a very old historic building. And that's another famous historic site. And that is a picture of an American baby."
They took lots of pictures of her with multiple cameras and at various angles.
And then they had me sit next to her so that they could get pictures of the two of us together.
Because, obviously, that's the sort of pictures you come to the U.S. to take.
I didn't even know what to think.
But they were so nice, I decided to just be flattered that they thought my baby was that cute.
Plus, Ella was wearing a cute hair clip that some wonderful girls that went to Romania with me gave me for my birthday a long time ago, so she was looking extra cute with that thing in her hair.

Also, check out this cool collage action going on!
I know they are like the most basic things in the world to make but I just figured it out so I'm pretty proud. 
And do you know what this means?
I can cram even more pictures into every single post than I already do!
Oh man, you guys don't even know what's coming!
I'll try to keep it under control.
But how do I get this collage to be the same width as the one above?
I don't even know.

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