Sucking on thumbs and saltwater and stuff like that

Just pictures and stuff.

When we go swimming, this girl spends the time trying to suck up as much water as she possibly can, and since it's saltwater pool I can only imagine how delicious that must taste. Gross.

Now that she can roll over both ways, when I put her down to nap she immediately flips over like onto her stomach like this, sticks her thumb into her mouth and puts herself to sleep. Except usually it's in her own bed, not ours, but sometimes she just puts herself to sleep before I even realize she's tired.  I know, what a rough life I have as a mother, my child voluntarily puts herself down for naps.

And she has this desperate need to hold onto whatever we are holding, which results in her having full control of the remote.

And she's just getting kind of huge, I mean holy cow, Girl, stop growing already!

And she likes her toys.

And just another sitting up picture because I think it's hilarious. 

That's all.

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