Once upon a time I was determined to be an ice skater

When I was little I was determined to one day be an ice skater.
I had my whole life planned out based on that dream.
I decided that when I was in my early 20's I would represent the U.S. in the olympics with my ice skating skills.
And I would be amazing.
I watched ice skating all the time-- I loved it so much!
The thing is that I can't quite figure out is how I was so determined to be an ice skater when I had never once been ice skating.
But this posed no problem in my plans.
I think I had figured that when I first stepped foot to ice I would naturally be jaw-droppingly amazing.
Really, I'm pretty sure that's what I thought.
I don't recall ever even asking my parents to take me ice skating.
It wasn't a necessary part of the ice skating plan.

I was 10 years old when I first ice skated
And it's a good thing I had dropped my ice skating dreams by that point.
Not only did I not possess the natural skating skills I had once assumed that I had, but also because 
I'm about as flexible as a rock.
(When I was a junior in high school, my gym teacher applauded me in the middle of our stretching exercises during P.E. because she noticed that I had managed to touch my toes without bending my legs for the first time ever. It was a proud moment for me).

Anyway, that story has nothing to do with these pictures, but you know, it's fun to write down random memories sometimes.

Just hanging out at the DMV because it's fun and stuff.

She holds a bottle ALL BY HERSELF! Her skills are amazing.

I don't even know.
She just loves sitting in this basket so much.

Sometimes I just put Ella in a onesie and some shoes and use some water to paste her hair down and call it a day. 
Who needs a full-fledged outfit when you have shoes as cute as those?
And you see the balls in front of her?
Seth, Matt and Jake got them for her and she loves them.
I love that they thought of her when they were out having fun and would get them for her.
They also got Adam and me those cupcakes from two posts ago-- I don't even know why they're so nice.

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  1. I LOVED watching ice skating when I was little too. They just looked my magical to me. I'd go outside and put on my rollerblades, and pretend I was ice skating gracefully and looked amazing when in actuality I probably looked the opposite with my skinny legs and giant clunking skates, haha. It didn't matter. I knew I had mad skills. I also am the opposite of flexible. I get super excited if I can touch my toes, haha