Did you guys see So You Think You Can Dance last night?
It was wonderful!
I had started doubting whether or not it really was as wonderful as I remember and then it came on and it was just as amazing as ever!
I was crying right along with Mary Murphy (who, by the way, I just love, I love her smile and how she screams when she sees a dance that she loves, she just seems like someone who you want to be around because she is so happy and nice and stuff).
And Nigel's faces at some of the auditions, not only were they great, but I agreed with a lot of them.
Adam liked the hip-hop auditions, I like the contemporary ones.
This was one of my very favorite auditions:

That may have been one of the auditions where I was trying to hide from Adam the fact that I was crying. 
Because seriously, who cries over an audition?
I couldn't help it, I just loved it!
Go Hafen family!

This weekend, Ella is going to meet some of her great-grandparents and some great-aunts and uncles in the Spanish Fork/Provo area that she has never met before.
We are so excited!
But we're dreading Ella's reaction to the long drive.
We'll see how it goes.

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