This post is supposed to have some awesome dancing videos, but it doesn't

Last night I had a dream about a post I should put on my blog. 
Yeah, I know, I have started to have dreams about blogging, how insane is that?
In the dream I went back to my blog archives back into posts I wrote when I was in middle school and found some videos that I had posted on my blog. I watched the videos in my dream and they were so awesome I decided I needed to repost them for today's post.
I was way excited to post them until I woke up and remembered that:
1.) Blogs didn't even exist when I was in middle school, so there is no way that I was keeping one
2.) The videos I watched in my dream don't exist either.
Which is too bad because from what I remember, they were so awesome you would have loved them. They were mostly about dancing, and I was even one of the dancers in some of them and I was an amazing dancer in these videos.
Like, I should be on So You Think You Can Dance. 
That's how good I was.
Too bad it wasn't real life.
So instead of those awesome videos, I am posting even more pictures of my daughter.

Note the two bottom teeth.

Ella says goodbye to her aunt Maddie.
It was a sad day.
After we said goodbye to Adam's family, we took Ella to the park so we wouldn't have to think about how empty the house now felt.
When we got home it took her just a couple of hours to realize that her Grammy and Pa and Aunt Maddie and Uncle Seth were gone.
And she was not happy about it.
She was throwing fits left and right and just in a bad mood,
which is not typical of her unless she's tired or hungry and she wasn't either of those.

She is a pro at standing.

Due to their chunkiness, her thighs get her stuck in her bumbo every single time I try to pull her out.


  1. I am positive that the dancing video would have been awesome! I am sad that it doesn't exist. And once again, your little girl is so adorable. I love it.

  2. I had a dream last night that I was a wolf... Yay for strange/awesome dreams!

  3. Her little bum stuck in the Bumbo chair is the funniest thing I have seen all day! So funny and adorable! :)

  4. Dang it I would LOVE to see those dream dance videos haha! I at least have my imagination's version of them, and yes they are awesome.

    In other news, Ella is still so dang cute I can't even stand it.