Ella's Wonderful Chunkiness

This weekend we went and checked out a few stores that just opened.
Ella looked around a bit, endured me trying things on her and then fell asleep.

Ella and I were seriously considering buying the entire baby section at Old Navy. But we resisted. I was having a squealing fest as I caught sight of every new ridiculously adorable thing I saw in the baby section. Feel free to join me squealing:


And then we got some frozen yogurt.  

Are we really bad parents for giving her little tastes of frozen yogurt? 
But she loved it so much! 
She licked all of her fingers to be sure to get every last bit of yumminess.

Adam got the green apple flavor combined with the caramel flavor-- whoever thought of recreating caramel apple suckers with frozen yogurt is brilliant.

The frozen yogurt place had a wall that you could draw on with dry-erase markers, how smart is that?
We left a message for our favorite employee (and friend) there. 

One of the first things anyone ever mentions to us when we go out with Ella is, "She's cute. And she's chunky!"
Yes. Yes she is.
She is the 75-90th percentile for weight.
Last night I had a dream where I was running around and doing all this crazy stuff and suddenly I felt like I was missing something, there was something I was supposed to have with me but I couldn't remember what.
What it was was Ella, because I am always carrying her around with me wherever I go in real life.
But in the midst of my dream, my brain could not remember that it was Ella that I didn't have with me.
So it replaced her.
I suddenly found myself, in my dream, carrying a large slab of pork that was shaped like a pig.
And I took this piece of pork with me everywhere I went in my dream and I was very protective of this large piece of meat.
Adam and I both had a good laugh when I woke up and told him that my brain had decided to substitute Ella with a piece of pork.
They're practically the same, right?

But let me tell you that that piece of pork did not have a face that was this cute:

Perhaps her roundness is due to the fact that in our home the question is not: should we have dessert tonight?
 Instead it is: Should we have one or two desserts tonight?
I know, I keep telling you, I'm a really healthy person.
I love that little girl's cheeks, belly and thighs so so much!
So keep the desserts coming.

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