Adam's World

Adam and I are completely opposite from each other.
Adam loves sports.
A lot.
Like mega amounts.

His priorities are made clear when he comes home from work and he kisses me, kisses Ella and then pulls up ESPN before anything else.
Don't talk to him when he is looking at ESPN, he won't hear you.
While we were in school he was usually doing 3 intramural sports each semester.
He loves playing sports, he loves watching sports.
He loves sports statistics and brackets.
You cannot describe Adam without including the word "sports."

So it was probably a little bit surprising when he married me.
My sports knowledge before I married Adam was something like: 
Basketball is only played in March, hence March Madness. March Madness is basketball, right? The Jazz is the only team I know of by name so I hope they win by the end of March Madness.
(If you saw no problems with the statement above, we should be friends)

Now I know the problems with the above statement because I married Adam.
But, much to his disappointment I haven't become as sports crazy as he is.
I know more about sports now, but not that much.
Here is my sports knowledge: 

Aaron Rodgers plays a sport. 
I don't know what sport.
But he plays.
Hey, that's pretty good I know the name of someone who plays a sport besides Michael Jordan.

Once I was in a figure drawing lab at school and someone (maybe it was one of the models because I don't know any art student who would ask such a question) asked:
Did anyone watch the Super Bowl?

The responses went something like this:
The Super Bowl? When was it?
Yeah, what teams were playing?
Was BYU in it?
Oh, I thought the Super Bowl was in March. Isn't that when they have the whole bracket thing?
No, why would I have watched it?

Okay, so that's not word-for-word what was said, but it was the gist. 
In my world, when you see a ball heading in your direction you either duck and start praying for your life or run as fast as you can in the opposite direction so that you don't get hit.
That's my world.

Adam's world is like this:
He told me more than a week ago about how excited he is for Selection Sunday 
(Don't know what that is? Again, we should be friends!)
And then when we got home from church he eagerly turned on ESPN and was positively dancing with excitement as the names of different teams were announced with numbers next to them.
He says stuff like this about the Super Bowl:
The New England Patriots played the New York Giants at this year's Super Bowl. The last time they played each other at a Super Bowl was in 2008 and the Patriots were 18 and 0 and the Giants upset them and handed them their only loss. I'm glad the Giants won again this year.

Anyway, what this is all leading to is this picture:

Being in love with sports has naturally led Adam to love athletic wear.
Especially neon yellow. 
Adam is crazy about this color.
He has been for the past couple of years.
Have you seen the uniforms of some college basketball teams lately? 
I guess neon is really in right now.
He says that he won't wear this whole outfit together in public but I'm not so sure he can resist. 
Anyway, Adam is loving his neon athletic wear lately.
A lot.
Did he ask me if he should wear his neon yellow socks under his church pants and shoes today?
Yes he did.
I told him no.

And that is a small peek into Adam's world.

I sure love that cute-faced boy!


  1. Hahaha this is hilarious! I laughed so hard about your class's responses to the Super Bowl

  2. Haha, there's another good reason why we're friends (I'm like you- I know nothing). And that neon yellow outfit is awesome. One day Ella will bring a picture of her dad to class, and that will be the picture she chooses.