The closet is a mess

Our closet should look like this:
Once my cousin was helping me move into my apartment at school and she organized my clothes so that they were all color coordinated and I loved it so much I've been doing it ever since. I know, it's a weird habit, huh? 
But also really cool to look at!

But instead it looks like this:
I took all the clean clothes from the dryer and threw it in a basket with all the clean clothes that were piled in the bedroom and dumped it all into the closet, so at least the bedroom looks clean now.

Instead of cleaning, I have been working on things like this:

Random drawings on onesies

Illustrations for Laura

And Ella is happy because I play with her instead of put away clothes

And Adam is happy because I make him yummy food like this:

And, of course, I've got March Madness to worry about:
No, I don't watch any of the games, but the winner in the Jones family gets a free dinner so I flipped a coin to help me fill out a bracket. Unfortunately, my chances of winning hugely decreased when Missouri lost, so now I'm rooting for Adam's bracket.

And there are wonderfully dear friends that we haven't seen in so long to see:

 And walks to go on.

So the closet is going to have to wait.

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