That cute-faced boy's birthday

It was this cute-faced boy's birthday this week!

We went to Kneaders for brunch for their all you can eat french toast of incredibleness.

We'll celebrate with friends next weekend.
He had the day off work and we just played with Ella, took a nap, watched Moneyball and cuddled inside while it poured rain outside. Then we went out for dinner, it was a wonderful day!
It's fun to just be a family

I love this picture from last summer!

What is happening in Adam's life:

So Adam started working for a new company last month and just a month and a half later he got promoted to be a leader over a team of employees! Next week he's being flown to Salt Lake City for a few days to be trained in his new job. It's pretty great! And he is pretty amazing!

And Adam's ward basketball team is currently 5-0. He loves playing. 
Ella is his biggest fan. 
She hardly takes her eyes off the game even when she is exhausted and needs to sleep.

And Adam is the greatest dad to Ella! That girl saves all her biggest most wonderful smiles for him because she knows he is the one who makes her laugh and who does crazy things with her that she loves! She just adores him and I don't blame her at all.

Happy Birthday, Love of my Life!

And a side note:

How cute is this baby swimsuit by Roxy? 
I love it so much, it would be perfect for Ella!

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