Ben and Jerry's and a candle-lit dinner that Ella cried through

I love seeing peoples reactions to different posts on here and I loved how much you guys seemed to like the post where Ella was talking from the laundry basket-- thanks for letting me know!

So Valentines Day. Did you know that I kept every single silly Valentine I ever got in elementary school until like just a couple years ago? It seemed wrong to put a Valentine and even birthday cards that had my name on it into the trash, it would be like saying I didn't care about that person's thoughtfulness. So I kept every Valentine and birthday card I had ever gotten from the time I was 7 until I turned 21 in a huge box under my bed. And then I magically had some sense knocked into me (actually we just ran out of storage space under the bed) and I realized no one cared if I kept their valentine from ten years prior (especially if I no longer remembered who that person was) and I finally threw them away.

Have you seen the amount of crazy flavors that Ben and Jerry's has on their website? There are six pages that look like this and as you run over the flavors with your mouse it tells you what is in each flavor, and they are incredible flavors! 

I may have accidentally left the Ben and Jerry's website open on Adam's laptop with the Creme Brulee flavor expanded. 
You'll never guess what I got for Valentines Day.
I ate it for breakfast because I'm a really healthy person.
 He went to three different stores to find the flavor-- oh wow that boy is amazing!
He is good at reading hints too--always a bonus.

He also left sweet notes all around the house for me, I mean everywhere, like on the toilet and in the fridge and on Ella's wipes.

Adam's birthday is today so we kept Valentines Day pretty low key so that we could do more stuff for his birthday. 

We had a candle-lit steak dinner.
It would have been romantic if Ella hadn't been screaming the whole time. 

It's grape juice in a wine glass, you know, because we don't drink alcohol and stuff.
(How great is it to add "and stuff" and the end of a sentence? As if it adds any extra meaning to the sentence.)

And then some pictures because we're still picture crazy and probably will be like that until all our children are grown and are out of our home: 

Big head. Little legs.

At a college basketball game with our friends, the Steadmans.
Ella loves watching basketball-- a lot.
Adam plays on Thursday nights and Ella thinks it is so great.

So fuzzy on top!

I love cuddling with this girl.

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