The Baby of Cuteness Slept Through Christmas

Ella spent most of Christmas like this:

(In the swing she got for Christmas- she LOVES this thing! It keeps her asleep for hours without having to be held! She slept the whole night through in it!)

And when she wasn't sleeping, she was like this:

(zoom in):

Ultimate compliment: You know how everyone automatically thinks that their baby is the cutest? It's your child, so of course it's the most adorable thing in the world. So it was the hugest compliment when yesterday at church someone told us that she and her daughters had seen pictures of Ella and they had decided together that Ella was so cute, she might even be cuter than any of their girls had been as babies. Whoa! What a compliment! And she had cute girls, too! 

People I didn't even know were swarming towards Ella after church to get a glimpse of her. It's crazy that people love to see this little person who's best skills are pooping sideways out of her diaper and spitting up mass amounts of milk over everything within five feet; who would have guessed that she would attract so many people's stares? Although, I must admit, those are pretty impressive skills.

I was in the bathroom at the airport late Tuesday night (I'll talk about the awesomeness and awfulness of traveling with a baby on tomorrow's post) and changing Ella on one of the pull-down changing tables. Once again a complete stranger had stopped to stare at Ella and she was telling me about her cute grandson as I was changing Ella (I love how many people I meet through Ella!). The changing table faced a mirror and Ella was gazing at herself in it and I guess she thought she was pretty funny-looking because she burst into peals of laughter. It was the most adorable laugh I have EVER heard in my life (see point above about automatically thinking your child is the cutest thing in the world). But I was the only one to hear it (except for the complete stranger) and she hasn't laughed again since, but we have certainly been trying to get it out of her again.

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