The Awesomeness and Awfulness of Traveling With The Baby of Cutenesss


1. Forget that rule about only being able to get 3 fl. oz through security, they allowed me to carry-on a 8 fl. oz. bottle of hand sanitizer and more than 3 ounces of liquid baby tylenol because I had a baby (they did not allow Adam to carry-on the water bottle I had accidentally left with him)
2. Adam was pulled aside to go through the full-body scan but then one of the security people stopped them and said, "Oh no, he's the husband" nodding towards me juggling several bags and Ella. They let him bypass the body scan.
3. We were allowed to be in the fastest-moving lines and to board the plane before most of the other people because we had Ella.
4. An airport employee heard Ella crying her head off in her stroller and handed us a free cart to wheel around our four giant bags to check-in.
5. The airport had bright blue lights overhead, Ella loved them so much she forgot how hungry she was and stopped crying.

It is so nice to be helped out so much in the airport because we definitely needed the help! Traveling with a baby is not easy!


1. Pushing four giant suitcases, three carry-ons and a baby stroller with a screaming baby through the airport (it is unbelievable how much stuff Ella needs to travel!)-- (but that was solved by point 4 above)
2. Ella pooping through her outfit in the middle of security
3. Ella's ears hurting on the plane due to the elevation change (but that was easily fixed by feeding her, the sucking helped her pop her ears)
4. Ella screaming her head off the whole two hour drive between the airport and my parents' house 

The awfulness wasn't really that bad because we were helped out so much at the airport, everyone was willing to give us a hand. And then we saw this cute couple on our plane who were juggling four carry-ons and four-month-old TWINS and we realized that our job was easy-peasy.  

We were so overwhelmed by what it took to travel, we didn't get any pictures of Ella on her first plane ride, so instead, I just posted these random pictures.

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