Vintage Shoes

I need some advice. 
These shoes are potentially a present that Adam is going to give me for Christmas, but first I have to decide if they are cute or not. I don't really wear heels because I feel too tall in them, but after watching many episodes of What Not To Wear, it seems that the general rule is that you are never too tall to wear heels, so I guess that means I need to get some heels I like, but are these the right heels? What I like about them is that they are vintagey. Here is the image from the Jellypop website:

Is the heel part too thick? Or is grey too boring of a color?

In my imagination these shoes will make me look as cute as these vintagely-dressed girls:

But maybe not so much... what do you think?

And now I'll just randomly throw in some pictures of Ella in this post:

One of my favorite things is when she falls asleep on me after eating (which happens multiple times a day, but I love it!)


  1. They are SUPER CUTE!!!!! Wear them, girl!

  2. get them. you can totally pull them off. And they are adorable.