Thanksgiving and how much Ella likes it

I'm pretty positive that Ella loved Thanksgiving...

Uncle Bo

...because there were plenty of people to hold her to her little heart's content...

Grandpa Curtis
Aunt Maddie

Grandpa Jones
Grandma Curtis
...and they even loved her when she was grumpy...

...and she got to meet her cute cousins...

(cousin Reese named her doll Ella too so we had two baby Ellas!)

...and daddy took an after-feast nap with her.

And on Sunday she's going to have her baby blessing.

(This picture with her pulled up socks just makes me laugh!)

Oh that cute mouth!

And that cute-faced boy that I like

Having a little family of three is pretty fun!

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  1. Love the pictures Annie! You're hair's getting so long! What a perfectly beautiful family =)