Rockstar Baby

Thanks to Michelle Catts, I am in love with this blog called Rockstar Diaries. I've mentioned this blog before. The baby girl on this blog is out of-this-world adorable and I'm basically trying to pass the time until my baby comes by living vicariously through Rockstar and her baby. Everyday I show Adam the latest pictures of Rockstar Baby and he is a trooper and will look at them and tell me how awesome they are, but I can tell he doesn't really care too much, which is fine since I'm obsessed enough for the both of us and maybe a few more people too. But yesterday I showed him this latest picture of Rockstar Baby (above) and he looked at it and said, "Oh.... wow... that is really cute. We might need to get a hat like that for our baby and shorts like that too." He looked at the picture for a full ten seconds rather than his usual two! Anyway, I had to share the latest to-die-for pictures of Rockstar Baby so that maybe I could get someone else as hooked on her cuteness as I am. 


Visit the Rockstar Diaries blog here.

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  1. Bahhhhhhh! So adorable! I love the picture in the frog hat too. I can't wait for baby of cuteness to arrive so I have a new baby to blog stalk.