Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts

You can see just how exciting my life has been lately by the fact that I only seem to be posting things about other peoples lives and their blogs. In an attempt to break this trend I tried to think of the most exciting thing that has happened lately in mine and Adam's lives and this is what I came up with:

A post about brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts.

The past few times we have gone to the grocery store Adam has decided that we are in desperate need of a box of brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts. I usually could care less what snacks he wants to get, but this one I usually try to stop him from getting, mostly because I am very much in love with brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts and I know that I can say "no" to them in the store but I cannot say "no" to them once they are in the house and since my body is currently developing a baby's brain, it would be wise to put healthier things than pop-tarts into it. If pop-tarts were the only non-nutritious thing I were putting in my body, that would be fine, but there are a ton of other sweets that I am consuming on a daily basis (example: I ate cookies for breakfast this morning). But Adam does a lot of convincing and I finally conclude that if he wants them so bad he will eat majority of the box of pop-tarts and I will only have a few and it will all work out perfect, he gets the snack he wants and I don't go crazy eating things that don't have much nutrients for my baby's growing brain. 

But then this is how things always work out: for some reason Adam seems to forget that the box of brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts exist. I could never forget that something that yummy is currently residing in the same home as me. So I open the box and eat a pop-tart, hoping that Adam will notice the box once it is open and start contributing to consuming them. But no, he never does. And it's not like I'm going to remind him that they exist is because I secretly want every single one of those pop-tarts. Once I realize that Adam is not going to eat a single pop-tart I get in this mindset that I need to eat the rest of the box of pop-tarts as quickly as possible so that I can get the temptation out of the house. Honestly, that is exactly what I think! And for some reason, at the time it seems to make sense! I think the same thing when I have a batch of cookies in the house or some other dessert. Eat them all today so that I don't have to worry about saying "no" to them tomorrow. It is a terrible and ridiculous thing.

24 hours later the pop-tarts are gone.

And then of course when I've finished off the box of pop-tarts and started eating something healthier for breakfast it's time to go grocery shopping again and Adam will see the pop-tarts and say, "Hey, I didn't get to eat any of these last time, we should get them!" Oh heavens.

In case that highlight from my week wasn't as exciting as you were hoping it would be, allow me to redirect you to yet another blog that is pretty fantastic and much more exciting than my life lately. It's called The Meanest Mom. Doesn't that title alone make you want to read it? The mom who writes this blog is so funny. She has a page on her blog that lists the posts that readers liked the most, which is worth checking out. Just to warn you, you may burst into fits of laughter as you read her posts, so it might not be a good idea to read them in the middle of class.

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  1. Haha, that's so funny. I'm totally the same way when there's treats in the house. It makes sense to me. I'll have one unhealthy day today, eat them all, so tomorrow I can have a healthy day with no temptations! =) It works for me... until I wish I had a cookie the next day, so I make a new treat to remedy the situation.