How to make a bow tie

I really like bow ties. I made one for Christmas for a boy who I am fairly positive does not read this blog so I am posting a picture of it, assuming he won't see it. This boy is in high school and I don't think high school boys read blogs like mine.

Tutorial here.

I pulled out Baby Girl's clothes and started assembling potential outfits for her, just like what you do before the first day of school. This waiting for Ella to come thing is getting ridiculous.

I found this list that Adam had written. Do you see that first one? It made me so happy! And he did it too! They are bright yellow right now. I am incapable of reaching them on my own.

This is a picture of my make-up drawer. I love things like make-up drawers, all the little containers and pretty things. 

And the Baby of Cuteness had a growth spurt, I'm fairly positive. At least that's what the growing pile of clothes that don't fit me are saying. This makes me worried since all of Adam's younger siblings were over ten pounds, one of his siblings was 10 pounds, 9 ounces. As much as I love chubby-cheeked babies, let's just aim for under ten pounds, please, Miss Ella!

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