The awkwardness of life

A friend of mine has a weekly feature on her blog called “Awkward and Awesome Thursday,” where she makes a list of the awkward and awesome things that happened to her that past week. It’s one of my favorite parts of her whole blog and reading it makes me more aware of the awkward and awesome things that happen in my daily life. There were multiple awkward and awesome things that happened this past week and I kind of wanted to post them so I decided to steal Emily's wonderful awkward/awesome idea for today's post (thanks, Emily!)

I was at the grocery store and I steered my cart so that it was up against the edge of the isle and out of the way while I selected the perfect head of green leaf lettuce. I suddenly hear this loud crash and then this grating noise, I turn around to see that an elderly man has run his cart head-on into mine and is now pushing my cart down the isle with his cart. I’m not quite sure what to think of this. “Oh, I’m sorry.” I say because I don’t know what else to say. The man, who is deceivingly sweet-looking, stops ramming his cart into mine and responds, “That’s okay. Can you pick out a good pineapple for me?” I suddenly decide that maybe the man is blind, which is why he accidentally ran into my cart and why he needs me to pick out a pineapple for him-- that would explain it. "Yes, of course,” I say and I hurry over to the pineapples to find a good one, when I pick up the one that looks best to me the man dashes my assumptions of him being blind by saying, “Oh yes, that one looks very good.” Completely confused now, I place the pineapple in his cart and he steers around my cart looking for other innocent bystanders' carts to ram into.  I don't really know how to conclude this story because I am still confused about what exactly happened.
There are a lot of awkward things about being pregnant. Like accidentally running into people with my protruding belly or getting stuck in a tight space because I underestimated my size. Or when I drop something while in a crowded location and it takes me approximately five minutes to get myself down to the ground to pick it up and I heave myself back up, positively wheezing and huffing and puffing the whole time. 

And little kids staring at my huge belly-- it happens all the time and it is awkward. I feel like I belong in one of the cages at the zoo. Adam told me that the next time that happens I should look at the kid and tell them in all seriousness, "I just ate a dog."

Also awkward: spending several minutes trying to open the mail box to no avail and then looking up to notice that I was at the wrong mail box, our mailbox was several more houses down
Holding up this adorable pencil skirt at an antique store (daydreaming about the day when I can maybe wear it) and having the lady tell me, “Oh, there is no way that you are going to fit into that, my dear.” Short-lived daydream.


Adam and I went to a class about giving birth and when the class broke out for lunch I immediately hurried to the Little Girl's room. When I walked out I was greeted by the scene below, all of these husbands lined up against the wall, waiting for their pregnant wives who all had rushed to go pee. None of them seemed to be at all self-conscious about the fact that they each were holding the purse of their wife. It was ridiculously adorable.

And this scene that I walked by at Hobby Lobby (which has to be THE best craft store in this entire world). This little boy was positively glaring at everyone and everything as he unhappily trudged behind his mom and sisters around the craft store as they excitedly walked down the never-ending isles of countless craft supplies. Their Heaven. His Hell.

And one last awesome thing: the grocery store experience made me think of this video clip that I posted a long time ago about a fight at the grocery store over the last box of corn flakes. 
My brothers and I think we are so funny. 
Although completely nonsensical, this clip makes me laugh every time, and so it's awesome. 
Clip here.

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