He even buckles my shoes for me

You know you are one lucky girl when your cute-faced husband buckles your shoes for you every single day because you can no longer reach them. And he doesn't even complain about it.

Baby Girl has been measuring a little bit big for her age for most of this pregnancy, but she's been slowing down in her growth these past few weeks. At todays doctor's appointment she was measuring four weeks behind schedule and I haven't been gaining much weight (despite the amount of food I've been positively inhaling recently) so tomorrow we are going in for an ultrasound to make sure she's okay. I feel like she's probably fine since she's been just as active as ever and her heart rate is good, so I'm more excited than nervous for this ultrasound. This will be the second time that we get to see her-- I hope she has chubby cheeks!

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  1. Did you ever think you wouldn't be able to tie/buckle your own shoes? That is very sweet of him to do that for you.