Free sewing patterns

Dicky's was celebrating 70 years of business and selling their pulled pork sandwiches that are usually $5 for only $1, so of course we had to go for lunch today! They were also giving away slices of cake, balloons and they had their usual free frozen yogurt-- yum! 

I found a website called Think Liz that has a huge list of FREE SEWING PATTERNS! Here is the link. 

I found the pattern for this easy-to-make baby dress on there and you better believe that it's on the list of things to make before baby girl comes!


  1. Cute! Can't wait to see what patterns you choose. I bet it will be adorable.

    P.S. I can't believe I missed your shower. Typical Anna blunder. My brain seriously is awful sometimes. I'm so sad I missed it, I want to do something for you'll be getting my present soon!

    love you!

  2. That baby dress is ADORABLE! And free frozen yogurt?! Sounds amazing!

  3. I didn't know Dickey's is doing all that awesome stuff! Are they still doing it? or was it just one day? and that dress is so adorable. Ella will look so cute in it!

  4. I think their birthday special is over by now, but they always have free soft serve, which is a fun bonus to their wonderful sandwiches!