4 weeks to go!

4 more weeks to go!
 (Adam is holding up four fingers, if you couldn't tell what was going on there)

And sometimes we like to match. 

The Baby of Cuteness has been getting so strong-- I wake up in the middle of the night positively gasping from her hard kicks to my lungs.

Ella's stroller and car seat arrived and Adam loves it! He likes to wheel it around the house. We were heading out the door to go to the library and Adam exclaimed, "Wait! We should bring the stroller!" I thought I had misheard him but no. He wanted to test drive the stroller up and down the library isles to make sure it maneuvered well around those sharp turns. We would simply close the stroller and car seat canopies so that no one would be able to see that there wasn't a baby in there. He was totally serious too. Oh my gosh, Ella's dad cracks me up sometimes. In the end, we didn't bring the stroller. Sorry, Adam.

And on a sad note: I killed both of my sister-in-law's goldfish within one month. I'm not sure why they would decide to die. I took such good care of them. I talked to them and fed them yummy foods and put toys in their bowl for them to play with and made sure the temperature of their water was just perfect. A five-year-old can keep goldfish alive, I mean, really, how did they die? This does not bode well for Ella. How has Nigel stayed alive for a year and half under my care? Let's hope Ella is as resilient as Nigel.

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  1. Both of you in striped hoodies is just too cute for words! This baby's going to a good place! :D