Hand-painted button earrings

Yesterday I was in the mood to paint so I made some button earrings with muslin and then painted them.  

What do you think? Would people wear these? Or is that weird to have little painted kids on your earrings? Is it worth trying to sell on Etsy?

And then here's a little colorful village:

Do they have too much going on in such a small space?

In the middle of the night last night, I got out of bed, grabbed my sketchbook and went into the bathroom so I could turn on the light without waking up Adam and started sketching more ideas of things to paint on the earrings, we'll see how they turn out.


  1. I can't speak for girls, but I know I dig them and would compliment them if saw them on girl.

  2. They are absolutely darling, darling! How about pendants? Rings? More little things featuring darling little houses and people?
    Oh, and hi! Not sure if I've commented on your blog yet... HI!!!! :D