DIY Covered-Button Stud Earrings

I like a lot of earrings but there are very few that I actually like wearing, and when I saw these cute-o covered-button stud earrings at the farmer's market this last summer I fell in love with them and knew that I would actually like wearing them.

I was looking online to order some of these earrings for Christmas and pretty quickly I had $75 worth of earrings racked up in my shopping cart, which was most definitely not a realistic option. So I went searching online to find a video on how to make these earrings and I found a perfect video! These earrings are ridiculously cheap to make!

So this morning Adam and I ran to Hobby Lobby and got all of the supplies for about $12 and look what I made! It took me thirty minutes at most to make all three of them, and I was going kind of slow since it was my first time making them.
Now I want to find some fabric with little people and animals on it and make ones like these:

(Alice in Wonderland)

(The Tin man from Wizard of Oz)

And then I might move on to make ones that are like the ones in this video.


  1. Adorable! When I get my ears pierced I am definitely making some of these :)