There's a real live person in there!

One thing that absolutely amazes me is when I realize that there is a real live human being inside of me, with a little personality and her own unique quirks. She reacts to things around her like a real person would-- it's crazy! 

Last week, after a bowl of toffee ice cream (seriously, I think I might have become addicted to ice cream while being pregnant), I could tell by Ella's little movements where her head was and my tummy suddenly grumbled very loudly right where her little head was located and she jumped so hard, my tummy bulged where she had rocked back and I busted up laughing! Poor thing! And whenever I sneeze there's several seconds after the sneeze where I can feel Ella curled up very tightly inside of me. I can only imagine how scary that would be to have your whole world suddenly constrict very tightly around you, accompanied with a loud, explosive noise-- it makes sense that she would curl herself up so tightly! She has had the hiccups several times these past couple of weeks.  And sometimes it seriously feels like she is using me like a trampoline, hopping off one side of me just to collide into the other side, over and over again, up, down, up, down. I am completely in love with her-- two and a half months never seemed so far away!

And then, of course, there is Nigel, my most favorite grumpy fish in this entire world! Here is a particularly dashing picture of him, showing off how rugged and tough he is. On the left you can see the red grape I was taunting him with that got him to become so defensive. Red grapes are exactly the same color as him and he will flare up at anything that is the same color as himself, thinking it's a fish.

Happenings at our home

Here is cute-faced Adam on his intramural ultimate frisbee team (the Banana Bombers). Both his upper-division frisbee team and football team made it to the championship match and they had such a good chance of winning both, but the championship slipped out of their hands in both games. Both championship games were on the same night, right after each other-- it was a sad night at our house. 

And I kind of love looking at blogs and this is exactly where I am usually sitting while I pour over them (please note the absolutely gorgeous blanket behind me, made by Laura Tait. Technically this blanket belongs to Ella, but I've been borrowing it from her until she needs it, it's too beautiful to not be out where people can see it)

And this is what our home looks like:

We move in exactly two weeks, so we've been collecting boxes. 

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