Vogue(ish) Photo Shoot

These are the amazing/adorable/wonderful girls that introduced me to Adam. I lived with them my sophomore year at BYU.

From the first weekend that I lived with them, I learned that one of their absolute favorite things to do is to dress up crazy and take photos.

We once took a color photo shoot.

 And another time we had a photo shoot with a light bulb.

 Once we made garbage bag wedding dresses and had another photo shoot to celebrate Coryn's birthday.

Yesterday we took a nature photo shoot. 

About ten people on skateboards rode by us as we took this picture of us all wrapped up in string. They were speechless, they obviously had never seen anything so cool in their life.

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  1. I just found your blog...so naturally I have to comment lots ;)
    I always loved doing photo shoot with friends! I love your ideas. What cool friends you must have