A little bump and how much Adam loves sports

That cute baby in my tummy (well, I haven't actually seen him yet, but I'm assuming he's downright adorable, obviously!) went through a growth spurt these past two weeks. I think my tummy is finally leaning towards being more of a baby-bump rather than a large Thanksgiving meal that I just ate. No, we don't know the gender yet but it's easier to call the baby a "him" rather than an "it," plus the poll says I'm going to have a boy so it must be right. I can't feel him move yet but sometimes I can feel internal organs around him protesting at being squished when he starts dancing around. 

Here is the sorta-bump:

And here it is when I have terrible posture, which is probably most of the time anyway:

Yes, a definite bump, I think.

Adam recently finished coaching a middle-school soccer team in Spanish Fork. He LOVED coaching these boys and would come home from their games telling me all about how proud he was of his boys! 

And this week, Adam got second place in the Wiffleball Home-run Derby at BYU and first place for the farthest home-run hit. He was stoked! Wiffleball is one of his all-time favorite games. Our child will be kicking soccer balls and hitting wiffleballs long before he can even talk and I'm positive his first word will be "ball," thanks to his athletic dad. Even if it's a girl I'm sure it won't be any different.

Some of the latest drawings for Laura:


  1. YOUR BABY BUMP IS SO CUTE!! I will probably stare at it all the time at work now, just fyi