The end of student life

Yesterday I walked home from my last ever class at BYU. I'm a little bit sad. I've been in school since I was five years old, and now, seventeen years later, I'm no longer a student, what on earth am I supposed to do with myself? And no more student discounts at the dollar theater, dang. I was one of those weird kids in elementary school who was devastated when the weekend came because I loved school so much I wanted to be there all the time. Of course, I loved being at home, but I was always craving to be at school longer. Weird, I know. And now in college, I don't necessarily love the homework load, but I love going to class and learning new things about the world. And now it's over. 

Here is one of my final assignments for my character design class. I posted three of these characters earlier, and now here's the rest. It's the Wizard of Oz:


  1. that is stinkin' adorable. for reals. i'm in love with it. man you have talent. good luck to you.

    and i totally know what you mean about school. don't worry, eventually you'll be back. either yourself or through your kids. living vicariously through your children is in, right?

  2. I can't believe your done! Scary and exciting. Whats the plans now?

  3. First of all, I love what you did with your characters! they are unique and delightful. Second, if you love learning you will continue to find ways to learn. The world is full of things exciting things to learn and school is only one way to do it. Enjoy!