Pesto, chicken, white sauce, and asparagus

This is the third post THIS week in the middle of a busy semester. I've figured out how to write on this blog while simultaneously eating dinner or while stirring dinner with one hand as it cooks, it's a much needed break from drawing. Perhaps it's because I post on my blog during meals that this post is about food. 

Lately, the things I have cooked have completely FAILED. Like, totally flopped. I love to cook, I think it is so fun to discover yummy dinners and desserts, but it is not so fun when the dinners and desserts don't turn out so yummy. We were throwing batches of cookies into the trash because even my husband, who will eat almost anything, wouldn't eat them. And I made this homemade spaghetti and meatballs for dinner one night, from scratch. I slaved for hours over making the sauce and making the meatballs, I was so excited to try it because almost anything tastes good when made from scratch, right? Wrong. The spaghetti was edible but not anything close to being good. And we had guests over that night for dinner-- embaressing! I started wondering why I ever even liked cooking. What a waste of time it was! Then one night it was an hour before I needed to have dinner done, so I looked up some recipes from, as usual, and found a recipe to make and expected it to follow the tradition of the dinners before, and have it completely fail. But holy cow, was I wrong.  This dinner was SO good! I was dancing and prancing around the house for joy both during and after dinner and for the 24 hours following dinner. I remembered why I like to cook again, because of yummy foods like this that you can make in your very own kitchen. So, in case anyone is looking for a particularly wonderful dinner, here are the recipes from that night's dinner.

So, for these you flatten some chicken breasts (basically whack them with the back of a frying pan with saran wrap on top and bottom of the chicken) and cover them in basil and mozzerella cheese and roll them up and bake them. Then you slice them up (as seen above) and put it on top of pasta and:

For this recipe I looked at the reviews of it and adjusted the recipe to what sounded good to me. 

And then, finally: Sauteed garlic asparagus

This recipe I actually made a few days after the dinner of wonderfulness. I am not a vegetable lover, I will do a lot to avoid eating vegetables, and when I do eat them I smother them in all sorts of things to hide the vegetable taste. But I loved this asparagus, how weird is that to like asparagus of all things? I ate half a bundle of sauteed asparagus by myself for lunch, it was so good! Again, I adjusted the recipe according to the reviews, I think the main change I made was that I cooked it with the lid of the pan off and I added parmesan. Yum!

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  1. Delicious-looking chicken! As for the disasters--did you make the spaghetti sauce AND the noodles from scratch? That sounds like a lot of work, and such a bummer it wasn't what you expected. I've actually made homemade noodles a couple times, they are a little difficult but my recipe is very detailed, and they turn out delicious. We should have a pasta party sometime :)