Owls, ex-sailors, and the Wizard of Oz

I am taking five art classes right now. This semester we are learning how to use acrylics. Here is the first acrylic assignment:

This is the sketch for my next acrylic painting:

I'm in this character design class, which is ridiculously fun, and in it they give a character description and we have to come up with several drawings that capture that character. For this one we had to draw pictures of this retired, bald, sailor, Captain Wheedles.
Here he is grocery shopping and he has stumbled across a box of Captain Crunch and is reminscing about the days when he used to look that good.

Here he is filling up his kiddie-pool to play with his model boats

Here he is more of a pirate

And this one I especially loved doing. It is also for character design class:
The Scarecrow, Dorothy, and Toto


  1. You are amazing! I love your drawings. Remember when you drew the teacups for relief society? Thanks again for doing that!

  2. Thank you so much, Emily! It's nice to hear that, especially from someone who is not a member of my family because they would like any piece of artwork i do even if it's hideous. And of course I remember doing those teacups, they were so fun to do, I was glad you asked me to do them!

  3. Annie these are all amazing. From someone who has zero artistic talent, I am speechless. I love the last one with the little girl and scarecrow.